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YOUR body, YOUR birth, YOUR way
Hi, I’m Carly

I’m a Mum, wife, lover of cooking, the outdoors, sport and exercise. I’m a big believer in taking a wholistic approach to life. I am a loyal, committed, caring person and a massive supporter of women especially women navigating maiden to mother.


I have 3 little girls and became a mother in 2017.  We live in East Maitland, NSW, in the beautiful Hunter Valley.


Throughout my professional career I have always supported women, giving them confidence and support to empower them to be their best self. Moving into the pregnancy, birth and postpartum space is no different.


Throughout my first pregnancy I read all the books, engaged in Hypnobirthing, was very informed (to the most part) and relished in the experience of being pregnant. What I didn’t do was consider the 'what ifs', and a 'what if' happened.

Our first little girl, surprised us with her toes appearing earth-side first. After a turbulent next 30 minutes, and more on-lookers in our birthing suite than I care to recall, our baby was safely in our arms having given birth vaginally to a footling breech baby in a hospital that continually reminded us, DOES NOT allow breech births.


Even though the events that followed in my daughters birth, was, in what I believe, the best outcome for my daughter and I, it highlighted that I hadn’t considered all possibilities, I had my blinkers on and I wasn’t as prepared as what I could have been.

Crucial moments, similar to that 30 minutes I experienced, can impact us physically, emotionally, spiritually for the rest our life. Cue the immediate postpartum journey. 


My desires for women are they feel informed of all possibilities during pregnancy, labour and birth. Some scenarios may at times be triggering and we can turn a blind eye, however the more information gathering we do, leads to more informed decisions which in turn leads to a more positive outcome and feelings during postpartum.

I desire for women to be strong advocators for themselves and their baby during birth as well as postpartum. I desire women to take care of themselves first, to be nourished and nurtured adequately to promote optimal rest and recovery during their early postpartum days and beyond. I desire women to seek and have available to them, the support they need to nurture themselves back to their identity, in a gentle way, during the transformational time of maiden to mother.


Through my educational knowledge, lived experiences and compassion I know I’ll make a positive impact to those women I will be honoured to support.

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