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Valley Village Collective Podcast
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Welcome to Hunter Valleys newest podcast, Valley Village Collective.

Valley Village Collective Podcast will be your go-to podcast as you navigate options, services and supports on your journey towards motherhood.


Hosted by Hunter Valley Doula and mum of 3, Carly Williams and first time mum Paige Sawkins, together, we're here to be your virtual village, sharing stories, wisdom, and a whole lot of laughs.


We dive into the heart of motherhood, bringing you relatable stories from local mums, insights from birth workers, and a toolkit for your motherhood journey.


So whether you're a seasoned mum, a mum-to-be, or just someone curious about the wild world of motherhood, come along and join our tribe.

This is Valley Village Collective, where every mum's story is valued, every question is heard, and together, we'll find joy in the chaos

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