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Whenever and however you give birth, your experiences will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life

Ina May Gaskin


We can begin our relationship at any time during your pregnancy, the earlier the better gives us time to really get to know one another and allows me to become intuitively connected with you to better support you during our journey together. 


Below I outline what each service can involve. I fully support that each woman's needs are unique and each family situation is different. I am here to serve you, therefore being led by you and tailoring your care allows me to support you in the best possible way. 

Pregnant Woman in Nature


You can engage in my services as soon as you receive your positive result. The earlier we start, the more time we have to move through pregnancy education and strategies as well as supporting your informed decision making. The best thing about starting earlier is we get to know each other really well. We build connection which will serve us well on your baby’s birthing day. We'll cover:

  • Previous Birth Debriefs

  • Pregnancy Education

  • Care Provider and Options (if not chosen already)

  • Birth Mapping

  • Relaxation, Visualisation and Active Birthing Strategies

  • Postpartum Planning and Care

  • Birth Debrief


It’s really common for each woman to have their own anxiety or concerns of particular topics that arise during pregnancy and those impending around childbirth and postpartum. I am here to listen and support to ease those feelings and provide you with education and confidence to deal with the situation.


Attendance at your precious little bundle's birthing day. I am on call for you from 38 weeks.

I feel it is an absolute honour to be welcomed into someone's sacred birthing space. By now through our pregnancy sessions, we have gotten to know each other well. We've build a connection and I know the environment you have envisioned for your birth. I am there to support those birthy dreams, I am there to provide the calmness, to give you gentle reminders to stay hydrated and nourished, to count you through breaths or observe you knowing that you and your birth partner are so deeply grounded and have complete trust in your body. I am there to provide space for you both to follow your intuition in your informed birthing choices. I am there to provide encouragement to both you and your partner. I can substitute with your partner at any time they may need a break, and if you start to have doubts Mama, that's ok, we will work through that and get you back in the zone, your baby is near.

Following your baby’s birth I am there for you until you have showered and have been able to have something to eat. I can support you to follow your baby’s lead on starting your breastfeeding journey, should you wish. I will stay until you are tucked up and comfortable and you are gazing into your baby’s eyes. Should anything unforeseen take place, I will be there to support your partner and baby to ensure everyone is emotionally safe.

Within the month following, we will debrief your baby’s birth and I will check in on your postpartum journey.



You have grown this beautiful baby bump, you’ve been showered in gifts, family members are excited at your impending baby's arrival, dreams of how you will raise your child and navigated what you want your birth to look and feel like.

Your baby’s birthing day arrives and that joy of placing your baby on your chest, or staring into your baby’s eyes for the first time, the admiration for you by your partner and birth support team - there is so my oxytocin flowing!

You arrive home with your baby, everyone is smitten with your new bundle, you navigate feeding your baby, beginning to get to know each other. You have family and friends drop by with food, maybe your partner is home, you’re overwhelmed with love, you’re tired but staring into your baby’s eyes, those overwhelming feelings settle for a little bit.

A short time after, that all stops.

You experience self doubt or question some of your choices. People stop visiting, you’re alone with your baby, and possibly other children, all day, every day. The housework doesn't get done, you struggle to shower, let alone have a proper meal. Your body hurts, you need movement, rest, a massage. You are so so tired.


This is where I help.

I am here to shower you in care, a shoulder and a listening ear.

I will prepare you meals.

I will complete those light housework duties that are weighing you down.

I will take care of your baby while you shower and rest.

I will help you navigate those newborn care concerns.

I will provide you professional links and recommendations should you need it.

I will help navigate the path when multiple children are involved.

I will help with feeding positions.


I am there for YOU Mama! It's time to take care of YOU.

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