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Supporting you with knowledge, tools and techniques to prepare your body and mind with confidence to trust birth and trust yourself to create YOUR positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.


Giving birth requires you to give your whole self. It requires you to be in the right space emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I can support and empower you with education, tools and resources to do this. During our sessions we will go deep and be really clear on how you want your journey to unfold, supporting you to make informed birth decisions best for you and your baby.


On call from 38 weeks, I will follow my intuition and through our developed connection I will be guided as to what you need through labour and birth. I will support your partner and provide space for you both to drop into your zone and give you confidence within yourselves as you welcome your baby earth side.


The 4th trimester is here! This is about nurturing you Mama! I am there to listen, without judgement, and to remind you that taking care of you is important. I am there to be that emotional support, to complete those small niggling jobs, to nourish you through meals and snacks, and guide you to gently settle into your new role with love, support and care.

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