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Empowering your decisions, Supporting your birth,  Nurturing your postpartum


Giving birth requires you to give your whole self. It requires you to be in the right space emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I can support and empower you with education, tools and resources to do this. During our sessions we will go deep and be really clear on how you want your journey to unfold, supporting you to make informed birth decisions best for you and your baby.


On call from 38 weeks, I will follow my intuition and through our developed connection I will be guided as to what you need through labour and birth. I will support your partner and provide space for you both to drop into your zone and give you confidence within yourselves as you welcome your baby earth side.


The 4th trimester is here! This is about nurturing you Mama! I am there to listen, without judgement, and to remind you that taking care of you is important. I am there to be that emotional support, to complete those small niggling jobs, to nourish you through meals and snacks, and guide you to gently settle into your new role with love, support and care.

Client Love for Carly Williams - Doula

Carly couldn't have arrived in my life at a better time. There also couldn't have been a more perfect person to carry me through my pregnancy, while I carried my precious baby inside my womb.


The first thing I noticed about Carly, besides her enthusiasm and impressive organisational skills, was her ability to blend a perfect combination of professionalism with empathy and genuine care for me and my birth journey.

Carly became not just my doula, but a wonderful friend I look up to and respect. Her own experience as a Mother shone through in the way she worked and nurtured the process, while still respecting and encouraging me to be true to my own choices and intentions as a mother to be.

Her knowledge about the birthing process and her passion for honouring a woman's right to have the birth experience she dreams of, empowered me to be confident in my choices, while also supporting and educating my understanding that things don't always go to plan and how to be prepared for that in the best way possible.


I couldn't have felt more secure in Carly, who always made herself available to answer any questions or concerns I had and didn't hesitate to jump in her car and be by my side when I started early labour in the middle of the night.

Her support endured throughout my long three day labour and whether it was holding a heat pack on my back, giving me a hand to hold, water to drink or a reassuring word of encouragement, I felt comforted and safe in knowing that Carly was there and I will be forever grateful to her for the way she cared for and checked in on me with delicious nourishing meals during my postpartum recovery.


Carly is an amazing woman, who I believe was born to work with expecting and new mums and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for someone genuine and caring to support them through their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Hillary Joseph

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